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This ride tirelessly cruises 15-18 mph, day or night.
The Bike
The bike is a Sonoma Beach Cruiser, one of six chainless bikes offered online by Dynacraft. A Wilderness BL36 conversion kit was added for power.

The Schwinn Continental is a really impressive bike, an excellent value for $2400. Compare eCruiser across these main features:

The Drive
This beach cruiser features a shaft drive connected to a Shimano Nexus 3-speed rear hub. The shaft is aluminum alloy with beveled gear ends. While pedaling 60 cycles per minute in third gear, the bike travels 13 mph.
The Motor
The motor in the front hub is a 36-volt brushless motor. A battery pack (three 12-volt lead gel cells) delivers power to the motor. The batteries recharge in 4-6 hours and provide up to a 30 mile range on a charge.
eCruiser Continental
Shaft-Drive Yes Yes
Nexus Hub 3-spd 7 spd
Front Hub 36-volt 24 volt
Battery Lead Gel Lithium
Range 30 mi 40 mi
Recharge 6 hrs 4 hrs
Cost $945 $2,400